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Hair Care Beauty Tips

Hair Care Beauty Tips: Cuts, Treatments and Styling Advice
Beautiful, shiny hair is a part of almost every woman and teen's natural beauty. Having the right haircut, style and dye color that flatters your face shape and skin tone can take your hairstyle to the next level of beauty.

These hair care tips will help you learn about different salon hair techniques & cuts, as well as at home treatments to help repair damaged or problem hair textures.

Hair Cut Advice

Finding and Choosing the Right Hair Stylist
Get information about choosing a hairstylist and salon; get ideas for finding local beauty service with training and experience that match your personal style needs.

Layers: What Works With Your Face Shape and Hair Type
Discover hair layers for oval, round, heart, square and long face shapes; get tips for how to flatter straight, thin, thick, curly or wavy styles.

Thinking About Bangs?: Tips & Cuts For Different Face Shapes
Discover whether bangs are right for your face and hair cut; learn about different styles and how to flatter round, oval, heart, or square shape.

Hairstyle Tips for a Round Face
Learn how to flatter your round face with a hairstyle; get tips for long, short, thick, thin, heavy, straight, chin length and medium types of cut.

Choosing a Hair Cut that Matches Your Face Shape
Your face shape plays a big part in what type of hair cut you should get. The right hair cut can bring out your best facial features and detract from the features you dislike.


Hair Styling Tips

vBig Ears? Find Hairstyles to Hide Them
Learn about hair styles that disguise or cover big ears; discover how to hide large or cupped lobes with layers, short cuts, volume and products.

Hair Parting: How to Flatter Your Face Shape
Find out about hair parting; learn how to use center, middle and side styles and techniques to flatter your face shape, cut and length.

Increase Hair Volume: Styling Tips and Techniques
Find out how to increase hair volume; learn styling tips and techniques for long, short and medium length; get products for more natural bounce.

Long hair: Washing, combing, and brushing techniques for different styles
Learn the best techniques for washing, combing, and brushing long hair; styles that need special products and techniques.

Help & Tips for Naturally Curly Hair Styles
Find out how to keep your curly hair looking naturally beautiful, get tips and hairstyle ideas for the best products and styles.

Home and Salon Hair Straightening Methods
If you have curly or wavy hair there has probably been many times in your life when you wished for straight hair. Now a days there are many ways at home or in a professional salon to get sleek, shiny straight hair permanently or temporarily.



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