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Makeup & Cosmatic Tips
Makeup Tips: How to Apply, Styles & Cosmetic Products Advice
Discover beauty tips and advice on how to apply makeup, application techniques that will help you achieve a certain era's style and new technologies in makeup such as mineral, waterproof, and bridal or wedding makeup. Find specific details about applying your eye shadow, foundation, lip stick or gloss, cheek blush and bronzer for a natural, but put together look that will compliment any outfit.

Everyday Makeup Tips

Apply Makeup in Minutes: Save Time with Your Morning Beauty Routine
Discover how to save time with your morning beauty routine by learning how to apply makeup fast. Get tips for a fresh, easy, natural look you can create in minutes.

Get Your Makeup to Last All Day Long
Learn about how to help makeup last all day long; keep a fresh face and control oil and shine by using the right techniques to apply products and avoid smudges, smears and flakes.

Got Red or Auburn Hair? Beauty and Makeup Tips to Flatter Your Coloring
Find out about red head makeup; learn about colors and cosmetics for fair skin tone and milky complexion and how to accentuate eyes and freckles for a natural look.

Flattering Makeup Tips for Plus Size Women
Get tips for plus size women and how to apply makeup; learn tricks and techniques for eyes, lips, cheeks and skin; find out what to avoid to minimize problem areas.

Youthful Makeup Tips: Beauty Hints for a Younger Appearance
Read tips and tricks with makeup that will give you a more youthful, age-appropriate appearance.

Age Appropriate Makeup Styles: How to Apply
Learn how to change your make-up application and styling as you get older to create an age appropriate, timeless look that still looks youthful.


Flawless Skin Tips: Foundation, Cover Up & Concealer

Tips for Using Makeup on Faces With Freckles
Learn how to use makeup to disguise freckles on your face; find out about products and techniques to camouflage spots on fair skin.

Makeup Basics: How To Apply Concealer
Get tips for how to apply makeup and concealer; learn about dermatologist techniques, products and tools to even tone and cover acne, scars, blemishes and under eye circles.

Foundation Makeup: Tips for Choosing and Applying
Get tips for choosing and applying foundation makeup to your skin; learn about best products such as translucent or opaque cream, powder, mineral, stick and waterproof type.

Conceal Birthmarks and Scars with Medical Makeup
Get information about medical makeup that can conceal birthmarks or scars; learn how to improve the appearance of pigmentation, spider veins, age spots, roseacea and melasma.






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